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The Optimalverse 1,045 members · 108 stories. Stories; Members; Forum; The Optimalverse Founded by Iceman · Report 这支团队计划通过OpenHMD增加对主流VR头显的支持,如Oculus Rift,HTC Vive,PSVR和WMR头显等等。 15. 迄今最好玩的“愤怒的小鸟”登陆Oculus Rift和HTC Vive OpenHMD. This project aims to provide a Free and Open Source API and drivers for immersive technology, such as head mounted displays with built in head tracking. License. OpenHMD is released under the permissive Boost Software License (see LICENSE for more information), to make sure it can be linked and distributed with both free and non-free software.

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Ein „experimentelles“ GDNative-Modul für OpenHMD ist ebenfalls verfügbar, das Open-Source-Projekt, das eine plattformübergreifende Unterstützung für mehrere Headsets, einschließlich PSVR, ermöglicht. Es gibt weitere Pläne, Gear VR und Daydream in Zukunft zu unterstützen. A Croteam anunciou na última quinta-feira (09) o seu mais novo game que faz uso da realidade virtual para divertir os jogadores Linux. Estamos falando de Serious Sam 3 VR: BFE como o mais novo título SteamVR que, segundo a desenvolvedora com o seu bom senso de humor, é "basicamente o mesmo jogo de antes, mas os devs apenas marcaram uma caixa de seleção mágica para VR". 4038038 What I have read, and seen, of the PSVR suggests it is robust and a good VR system. The field of view is just a bit less wide than the Vive and the Rift (100 degrees versus 110) - BUT it has more pixels, 2160 × 1200, or (960×1080 per eye), which is better than either the Vive or the Rift. OpenHMD支持各种设备,如Oculus Rift,HTC Vive,Sony PSVR,Deepoon E2等。 我们还支持Generic Android驱动程序和外部传感器数据驱动程序,以允许使用我们的Sensor Fusion和功能,同时提供您自己的数据。 I've recently gotten myself a PSVR for really cheap, and want to use it on PC. I've seen many a post and point to Trinus, so I got that, but I've quickly run into 2 major issues and I was wondering if you all could help. Is there any way to use PSVR on PC with the PS Camera that comes with the PSVR bundle?

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May 24, 2018 · PSVR is running on Linux with OpenHMD and OpenHMD-SteamVR. A reader emailed in to show off that they've been able to get the PSVR headset working on Linux with Steam using OpenHMD and OpenHMD-SteamVR. OpenHMD 0.3支持3Glasses D3,Oculus CV1,Windows混合现实HMD,NOLO,HTC Vive,HTC Vive Pro,Deepoon E2和GearVR Gen1。 虽然之前支持,但在v0.3版本中禁用了PlayStation PSVR。 OpenHMD 0.3引入了一个控制器API,改进了SDL2的OpenGL示例,增加了Meson构建系统支持,支持设备类标记,通用OpenGL 2.1 ...

麦逗vr服务于vr/ar行业的创业及创新,提供最新行业资讯,游戏报道,产品宣传推广,销售渠道及投融资等服务,努力成为vr/ar创新 ... openVR之十二大驱动接口目前市场上有大量的VR SDK,大多数的HMD厂商都推出自己的VR平台(如oculus, psvr,deepon,3glass等),与这些特定HMD平台有所不同的是,有一些... 可以戴上与 OpenHMD 兼容的 VR 头戴式耳机看到它。 根据一篇 博客文章 称,Safespaces 的设计方式是它的代码复用率很高。 开发人员可以确保他们最终不会模仿或重复 Windows,Android,Xorg 等设计模型。

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